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What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.
~ Samuel Johnson

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Argumentative Essay

Essay that poses a strong claim and provides the reader with the supporting arguments and scholarly evidence.


Compare and Contrast Essay

Essay aimed at analyzing and describing differences and similarities of certain subjects.


Descriptive Essay

Essay that delineates a particular subject by giving its characteristics and sensory-based description.


Expository Essay

Essay that contains the author’s explanation of this or that issue, view, idea, belief or event and gives a personal response to it.


Persuasive Essay

One of the most popular types of custom essays that has to convince the reader in certain issue or belief presenting author’s point of view.


Analytical / Critical Essay

Essay which presents the writer’s interpretation and analysis of the given book, article, film, play, event, etc.


Evaluation Essay

Essay revealing the judgements of a subject that outlines author’s viewpoints concerning it.


Narrative Essay

Essay in which a writer shares his or her story from a specific point of view that usually involves many descriptive means and stylistic devices.


Reflective Essay

Essay based on the author’s experience and its examination often assigned at college and university to present in front of an audience.